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Cyclists Petition for Newport Beach Bicycle Friendly Roads

Cyclists across Newport Beach petitioned city officials to take immediate steps to make the roads safer for bicycles despite official reports that show a decline in bicycle-related fatalities. This petition came less than one week after the Newport Beach cyclist death of Debra Deem at a Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee meeting.

At the meeting on Tuesday some of those gathered wore black T-shirts commemorating last year’s memorial ride held after cycling accidents took the lives of Sarah Leaf on Sept. 14 and Catherine Campion-Ritz on Sept. 15. Lt. Jeff Lu told informed them that the death of Deem in a collision with a minivan Aug. 28 is still under investigation.

Newport Beach officials stated that within the first six months of this year bicycle-involved incidents dropped 6 percent to 62 from 66 in 2012. But several frustrated attendees at the meeting asked for new signage and striping at select Pacific Coast Highway intersections in hopes that the numbers would continue to decline.  MacArthur Boulevard, Newport Coast Drive, Jamboree Road and Dover Drive were a few of the intersections mentioned.

Adding bike markings is an issue that’s been raised in the past, said cyclist Ron Wortman. But not all fall under city control. Some roadways are controlled by Caltrans.

“Who at Caltrans is unresponsive?” he asked. “This is really serious.”

Others concerned attendees criticized aggressive drivers who fail to accommodate cyclists. “I literally had someone right behind me blaring their horn,” said Stacy Kline, who serves on the board of Orange County Wheelmen, a recreational cycling group.

“Sharrows are golden,” cyclist Pete van Nuys said. “I don’t get the glares, and I don’t get the honks.”

He along with others credited the committee and officials for improvements, such as shared-pavement markings, sharrows, which were painted on some roadways last years. The results have been spectacular as motorists are now noticing.

A proposed bicycle master plan is underway that will take the committee approximately 12 months to produce.  The plan according to consultants could be compromised of these four key components: education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation.

Education could include outreach to children and adults, traffic safety campaigns and public service announcements; encouragement could mean new signage, fun rides and commuter incentives; enforcement could bring stepped up speed limit monitoring and bike patrols.

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Bicyclist Dies in Fatal Newport Beach Crash

A 58 year old woman died in a fatal accident in Newport Beach.

Debra Deem, a Laguna Beach resident, was riding her bike in Newport Beach. She was riding her bike west on the East Coast Highway near Newport Coast Drive. Deem collided into a white minivan at around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Deem was wearing a helmet, but she sustained major head trauma. Paramedics responded soon after the crash. Deem was transported to mission Hospital in Mission Viejo. She was put on life support. Unfortunately, Deem later succumbed to her injuries. She was taking off life support, and she passed on Wednesday.

Police were still investigating the crash on Wednesday. It is not clear who is at fault for the accident. No arrests or changes have been made. Police do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash. More details about the crash have not been released.

Bike safety is a serious concern in Newport Beach. Locals have complained that this area is too dangerous for bicyclists. Even experienced bicyclists are in danger on this road. Newport Beach is a popular bicycling location. According to police, there were 106 accidents involving bicyclists in 2012. In September 2012, there were two fatal bicycle accidents. This accident is the third bicycling fatality in Newport Beach in the last 12 month. It is the 6th fatal accident since 2010. There have been over 62 cycling fatalities in Southern California this year. This accident will be the 8th fatal accident in Orange County.

Debra Deem is the wife of Paul Deem. Paul Deem is a former Olympic cyclist and owner of Cycle Werx bike shops located in Costa Mesa and San Clemente.  Paul and Debra Deem were prominent members of the Orange County cycling community.

The Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee will meet on September 3rd. This recent death will definitely be part of the discussion. The committee hopes to decrease the number of accidents and improve street safety.

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Rancho Santa Margarita Truck Accident, Bicyclist in Critical Condition

A truck accident in Ranch Santa Margarita left a bicyclist in critical condition Wednesday morning. Orange County Sheriff’s Department reported that the truck struck the man Tuesday. The investigation is ongoing. Early reports show that the truck driver may not have been at fault in the truck accident.

Officials said the 34-year-old, who was unnamed by authorities, was riding a bicycle westbound on Santa Margarita Parkway about 200 feet east of Alma Aldea when he was struck by the motor vehicle at approximately 3:30 p.m. The bicycle rider was on the center divider, crossed over into eastbound lanes and was hit by a pickup truck. He was ejected from the bicycle and hurt.

Emergency medical respondents were rushed to the scene and transported the injured rider to Mission Hospital with severe head injuries.

Investigators closed down Santa Margarita Parkway at Alma Aldea until 7:30 p.m. to perform an investigation and report the accident.

Because the investigation is ongoing, the Sheriff’s Department is not releasing the names of the bicycle rider or the driver of the pickup. Preliminary reports indicate the driver of the pickup did nothing illegal.

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Former City Manager Killed in Crash in Laguna Beach

A former Westminster police chief and city manager, James Mitchell Waller, died in a bicycle accident on Friday.

The collision took place Friday morning. He was riding his bicycle along southbound Highway 133. A Toyota Corolla struck him and another bicyclist at around 8:50 a.m. Waller died at the scene of the accident. The other bicyclist was his friend, Kevin Beach. Beach is also a longtime city employee. Kevin Beach was taken to Mission Hospital. He is currently in serious but stable condition. Both victims are avid bicyclists. This particular stretch of road was one of their favorite routes.

The driver of the Toyota Corolla stayed at the scene of the accident. Currently, no arrests have been made. The exact cause of the accident is still not been determined. California Highway Patrol officers and Sheriff Deputies are investigating the incident.

Witnesses described a horrific scene. The windshield of the Corolla was completely shattered. The bikes were also destroyed and in pieces. One of the cyclists was seen lying facing the ground. He was not moving.

Waller leaves behind a wife and two children. While he was at the Westminster Police Department, he served as a captain, chief’s adjutant, SWAT commander, patrol operations lieutenant, and detective commander. He became chief in 2009. Waller took the Westminster city manager position in early 2011. He retired in July 2012. During his time as city manager, he reduced the city’s budget deficit. His supporters remember him fondly. Waller has done much for the city of Westminster.

A trauma team was sent to the Police Department to help the officers cope with the loss. Both victims were close to the Police Department. Waller influenced many. He will be remembered as a role model and strong leader.

These deaths are an unfortunate story to common among avid bicyclists. Bicyclists are highly susceptible to fatal accidents. In the case of a collision, bicyclists have little protection. If a car collides into a bicyclist, the bicyclist will probably be ejected forward. The bicyclist’s only protection is a helmet. Bicyclists can also easily sustain fatal injuries. If these two men were in a motor vehicle, the collision may have been less serious. A car’s external structure would absorb some of the force of the Toyota Corolla. Unfortunately, bicyclists are susceptible to fatal accidents.


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Fatal Accidents in Fullerton and Anaheim

A female bicyclist was killed in a collision Thursday afternoon, and a man died in a crash on the northbound 5 freeway Wednesday night.

This collision took place in a residential of Fullerton. The bicyclist was bicycling eastbound on Nutwood Avenue. A FedEx truck, making a left turn from northbound Ladera Vista Drive to westbound Nutwood Avenue, struck the bicyclist. Evidence points toward the collision occurring in the middle of the intersection. This area is a residential area.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. Police have yet to release the bicyclist’s name. They are waiting till the bicyclist’s family has been notified of her death.

The driver of the FedEx truck stayed at the scene of the accident. He is fully cooperating with police. No arrests have been made. Authorities are asking any witnesses to come for. Investigators will be examining whether the bicyclist or truck driver had right-of-way. The intersection does not have a marked crosswalk. According to police, it is still too early determine the exact cause of the accident.

A fatal accident took place on the northbound 5 freeway Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m.  A car overturned on the 5 freeway in the left lanes. The driver was trapped inside. Another driver was unable to avoid the over turned car. This driver hit the center divider.

The driver of the overturned car was taken to UCI Medical center in Orange. He was later pronounced dead around 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Authorities are investigating the cause of the original crash. The driver of the second car was taken to a hospital for his injuries.

Police are still investigating the cause of the original crash. They are requesting information from any witnesses or individuals with relevant information.

If you ever witness a car crash, stay calm. Slow down, and you may want to turn on your hazards. Be especially careful, you may unintentionally collide into another vehicle. You should always leave enough space for emergency crews to come in to help the victims. If it is just you, check on the victims. Avoid moving anyone, and call the emergency authorities. If you are qualified to perform CPR, you can perform CPR if necessary. If you’re not a medical professional, you should wait till the professionals arrive. Remember to take mental notes of what you’ve seen. You will need to describe the accident to the police.

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Teen Bicyclist Struck in Anaheim

Police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck a teenage cyclist in Anaheim.

The hit and run collision took place before midnight Last Wednesday in the 900 block of North Harbor Boulevard near La Palma Avenue. The victim was a teenage male. There is video of the collision. The video shows the victim lying on the ground with a puddle of blood next to him.

The driver fled the scene. The victim was left, with severe injuries, in the street. Luckily, a Good Samaritan pulled over and helped the hit-and-run victim. The Good Samaritan and just finished her shift at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. She pulled over and called 911. She described seeing the victim’s white shirt on the ground. The victim was lying on the ground on his stomach, but he wasn’t moving. His bike was lying next to him. The Good Samaritan could hear him breathing, and immediately called 911.

The victim was rushed to the hospital. He was in critical condition at UC Irvine Medical Center. The victim was treated for severe head injuries. Police believe he is between 16 and 18 years old. Police are still searching for the driver. There is currently no suspect description. Authorities are asking for the public’s help in finding the hit-and-run driver.

Bicycle safety is incredibly important. In the case of a bicycle and car collision, the bicyclist will be more likely to sustain injuries than the motorist. Injuries from such collisions are often quite severe. Common injuries include head trauma and internal bleeding. It is important for all bicyclists and motorists to be careful on the road.

Bicyclists must ride as if they are like any other motorists on the road. Each bicyclist must obey all traffic signs and signals. A bicyclist should never ride against traffic. Motorists are not prepared for bicyclists going against traffic. Remember to use hand signals. This is a bicyclist’s only mode of communication with motorists. You should signal not only because it is required by law but also for your own safety. Don’t drive between parked cars. This will make it difficult for motorists to see you. You should follow lane markings. If you need to turn, you should ride in the appropriate turning lane. Bicyclists need to be especially careful while turning. Bicyclists are often in motorists’ blind spots in intersections.

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