Car Crashes into House

A suspected drunk driver crashed into a house around 3a.m. this past Sunday.

The woman was drove her dark Toyota sedan into the bedroom wall of an Anaheim home. Anaheim Police arrested the suspect on suspicion of driving under the influence. The house was a white one story home by the intersection of Ball Road and Freemont Street.

The suspect drove across the front law and into the home’s exterior wall. She broke through a low brick wall and ran into the house. After impact, the car caught on fire. The fire did not spread very far into the house, but it did scar the outside of the house. It is believed that the low brick wall weakened the car’s impact.

Thankfully, no victims were reported seriously hurt. The three residents were woken up. One of the residents was knocked off her bed, but she did not seem to sustain any serious injuries.

Witnesses said that the fire fighters were very organized. They also said the fire fighters dealt with the emergency situation efficiently and effectively. The fire did not spread because of the fire fighters’ quick response and aid. Without the fire fighters, there would have definitely been more damage.

Some witnesses have also reported seeing two men flee from the scene. There was also a white vehicle seen driving away. However, Anaheim Police have not officially reported if there were any other individuals involved the car accident. Currently, only the female suspect is in custody.

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in this accident. However, the car caused significant damage for this family’s home. This accident comes at such a horrible time. The holiday season is ruined for this family. House repair bills will definitely negatively impact their holiday spirit.

It is important to remember to drive responsibly. This accident could have been easily avoided, if the driver was more responsible. The holiday season is a happy and spirited time, but during this season, there is also an increase of irresponsible driving. Please remember to always drive responsibly. Countless lives would be saved if people did not drink and drive.

Car accidents are incredibly dangerous. When a drunk driver is added to the situation, the danger and damage is elevated. In 2010, there were a reported 10,228 drunk driving fatalities. According to the National Highway traffic Safety Administration, this equates to a person dying every 51 minutes. It is important to have a designated driver. You can also just call a cab if you know you will be drinking.

If you or someone you know is a victim of an irresponsible driver, there are legal resources available to help you through this difficult time. An expert car accident lawyer can help you seek damages for any repair bills, medical bills, and more.

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