Alcohol May be Involved in Fatal Westminster Crash

A 32 year old Anaheim male was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI after he was involved in a fatal car crash early Tuesday.

The collision took place at McFadden Avenue and Brookhurst Street in Westminster. Police reported to the scene at around 1:11 a.m. A white Nissan Frontier truck and a red Honda Civic collided at the intersection. Police believe that the driver of the Nissan, Emmanuel Garibay, broadsided the Honda Civic. Investigators believe that Garibay was heading southbound on Brookhurst. The Honda Civic was heading westbound on McFadden Avenue. One of the vehicles ran a red light, and the vehicles collided.

There were no passengers in either vehicle. The driver of the Honda civic was fatally injured in the accident. He had to be cut out of the wreckage of the Honda. He was later identified as Joey Nungaray, 27, of Fountain Valley. Nungaray was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange for treatment. He was later pronounced dead before 2 a.m.

Garibay also sustained injuries but minor ones. He was taken to UCI Medical Center to be treated. Garibay was then booked at the Orange County Jail on suspicion of drunken driving. The bail was set at $100,000. More details about Garibay’s arrests are not known.

Authorities are still working on investigating the crash and its cause. Investigators are still trying to determine which vehicle failed to stop at the red light. It is still not clear why one of the vehicles failed to stop.  Investigators do believe that alcohol was a factor in the collision.

Drunken driving is incredibly dangerous. In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, reported that 9,878 died in drunken driving crashes. According to the NHTSA, one in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash. Drunk drivers have delayed response, impaired vision, and poor decision making.

Accidents involving drunken drivers are often serious or even fatal. Drunken drivers are reckless drivers. Injuries sustained from car accidents may be incredibly painful. If you are ever injured in a car accident involving a drunken driver, you should contact a Westminster car accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer will make sure you are fairly represented.

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