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Off Duty Officer Killed in Crash

An off-duty Costa Mesa police detective was killed in a crash because driving drunk and texting.

The police detective was a 57 year old veteran officer. He was driving his 2000 Mazda and crashed in an underpass beneath the 55 freeway. He collided into a concrete pillar. The collision occurred near Newport Boulevard and Bristol Street on March 5th.

He was not wearing a seat belt, at the time of the crash. This probably contributed to his death. The officer also had a 0.14 blood-alcohol level before he died. He had been drinking at Mi Casa restaurant between 5 and 8 p.m. The officer then went to Skosh Monahan’s between 9 and 10 p.m. After he left the second restaurant, he collided in the underpass.

The Newport Beach Police Department has determined that the primary cause of the crash was that the officer was driving under the influence of alcohol. He was impaired, which made turning difficult and unsafe. The officer was also sending text messages while he was driving.  Texting while driving also contributed to the crash.

This unfortunate story happens much too often. Drunken driving causes many deaths and serious injuries each year. Every 15 minutes, someone dies from a drunken driving related crash. Crashes involving a drunken driver are usually quite serious and often fatal. Injuries often require extended hospital stays and extensive physical therapy. A serious accident can also mean time away from work.

Texting while driving is also another serious cause of car accidents. Distracted driving is a serious issue in the United States. Cell phone use while driving dramatically increases your chance of accidents. When you text while driving, your eyes are on your phone instead of the road. You are also thinking about what to text, and you have one hand on your phone. If a car tries to merge into your lane, you may not be able to respond in time.

There are many possible causes of car accidents. Some car accidents are simply accidents and completely avoidable. However, many car accidents are caused by impaired drivers and distracted drivers. Don’t drink and drive or drive distracted. Do not let your friends and family drive impaired or distracted. If you are not confident about your driving abilities, simply pull over. It is better to be safe than dead.

If you are ever in a car accident, contact a Costa Mesa car accident lawyer.

510 Violations in Newport Beach

Newport Beach police have issued 510 citations, in April, to drivers for using their cellphones while driving.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The Newport Beach was one of the 225 agencies participating in this campaign. Newport Beach police will continue to crack down on distracted driving. The agency hopes to decrease the number of distracted driving accidents through education and enforcement. Police urge that drivers put away their phones while driving and to pull over to make a phone call.

According to Police, nine people die every day because of a distracted driver. 1,060 people are injured daily as a result of a distracted driver. These statistics are misleading. The actual damage is much more than what is reported. Injuries from car accidents are often life threatening or quite severe. An individual in a coma is listed as injured. Injuries can be anything from cuts and bruises to paralysis. These statistics also do not take into account the effect on the victims’ families and friends. Car accidents are quite serious and are often fatal.

A distraction is any activity that may divert your attention away from driving. Distractions can be cell phone use, eating, talking to passengers, grooming, and even using a navigation system. A distraction is dangerous because it usually requires visual, manual, or cognitive attention from the driving. Test messaging is one of the most dangerous distractions. It requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention. While texting, your eyes are off the road and on the phone. You are also thinking about what to text, and you have one hand on your phone. Text messaging while driving will make a crash significantly worse.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,331 people died in crashes involving a distracted driving. In 2010, there were 3,267 deaths involving distracted drivers. 387,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver.

If you are ever injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, you may want to contact a Newport Beach car accident lawyer. Injuries from a car accident may result in significant injuries that will require extended hospital stays and demanding physical therapy. Insurance may cover some of these costs, but a car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum damages.

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Doggy Travel 101

Doggy Travel 101

We all love and adore our dogs. We want to bring them with us everywhere even on vacation. Unfortunately, traveling with dogs can be difficult. Here are some tips to make traveling with a pet easy!

  • Preparing for the trip

Make sure your furry friend is wearing a collar with an ID tag. The ID tag should have your phone number and an emergency contact. You should also get you’re a dog microchipped. The microchip is a tiny electronic device that contains a unique identification number. Your dog won’t even know it is there! Make sure it is registered with up to date contact information. These measures will make it easier to find your dog if it gets lost.


You will need to pack for your dog. Bring food, dishes, leashes, blankets, and baggies. It also helps to bring treats for your furry friend. You should also bring washcloths to clean your pup in case it runs in the mud.


If you are driving, you should take breaks to let your dog run around and relieve itself. Remember to give it plenty of water, and try to keep it on its regular feeding schedule. Do not ever leave your dog in the car. The car heats up, and your dog could get sick.


  • Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a problem for many pets. Common symptoms of motion sickness are excessive drooling, panting, or frequent swallowing. It can affect a dog on a car, train, or boat. If you have time, try to get your dog accustomed to being in a car. Take them on short car rides to somewhere fun like a park. Eventually, your dog will associate car rides with someone positive. Pet harnesses can also minimize car sickness. If your dog still experiences motion sickness, you may want to buy a motion sickness drug for dogs. Ask your vet for recommendations


  • Proper car restraints

Letting your dog run free in a car can be dangerous. In the case of an accident, your dog will probably be ejected forward and could be seriously injured. Loose dogs can also be quite distracting. Your furry friend may try to eat your snacks or try to crawl into your lap.  Investing in a pet harness or carrier will make driving much easier and safer.

  • Flying

If you plan on flying with your pup, you should reserve a spot for your furry friend. Airlines usually have specific requirements for dogs. There may be a crate size requirement and a vaccination requirement. You may have to supply medical information about your dog. Ask your vet for medication requirements. There is motion sickness medication and anti-anxiety medication for dogs. Pheromone sprays can also help calm dogs down.

  • When you should leave your dog at home

Unfortunately, not every dog should travel. Dogs with medical problems may not be suit for travel. Ask your vet on how to handle serious medical problems while on vacation. Certain dogs have difficulty flying. Dogs like boxers, bulldogs, and pugs may experience difficulty breathing at high elevations. Check with your vet if your dog is ok to fly or travel.

These safety tips should help your pet safely travel! Follow these tips and you’ll have a great vacation. If you are ever in a car accident, contact an Orange County car accident lawyer.

Gotcha Surfwear Co-founder Arrested

Retired professional surfer and Gotcha surfwear co-founder has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and cocaine possession after a traffic accident.

Michael Elliot Tomson of Laguna Beach was charged with two felony counts of DUI and possession fo a controlled substance. He was also charged with a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of drugs.  He was released after he posted $100,000 bail.

Authorities received a call around 9:17 a.m. Monday morning. The caller reported a traffic collision between a 2008 Mercedes E550 and a 2008 Nissan Rogue. The collision was at Glenneyre and Calliope streets in Laguna Beach.

The suspect was driving the Mercedes. He was heading south on Glenneyre. He rear ended the Nissan. A 65 year old woman was driving the Nissan. She was hospitalized for minor to moderate injuries.  Tomson was not injured. Glenneyre was closed for two hours, while investigators examined the scene.

Tomson has had issues with driving under the influence before. In October 2012, he was pulled over for speeding.  He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in December 2011. Tomson was also arrested for resisting an officer in October 2011.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in this collision. Tomson was driving under the influence and could have seriously injured other people on the road. Drivers under the influence have delayed reaction and flawed judgment. Accidents involving impaired drivers often serious and even fatal. Every year thousands of people die because of impaired drivers.

If you see a reckless driver on the road, you should pull over when it is safe. Try to note the car’s model, license plate, and the location. It also helps to remember how the driver is driving. Is the driver weaving in and out of lanes? Is it driving on the other side of the road? This information is helpful to the authorities. Don’t hesitate to report a reckless driver. You could save a life and prevent serious injuries and damage.

If you are the victim of an impaired driver, immediately contact a Laguna Beach car accident lawyer. Injuries from car accidents are often serious. These injuries can require extended stays at hospitals and intensive physical therapy. You may not be able to even work. Insurance may be able to cover some of these costs, but a car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum damage