1 Victim Hospitalized

One victim was hospitalized after a Westminster house fire.

This morning there was a house fire on Brooke Avenue in Westminster. The fire was reported at about 6:18 a.m. Wednesday morning. Firefighters reported soon after. It seems that the fire started in the garage and spread to the rest of the house. When the firefighters arrived at the scene, only smoke could be seen from the outside of the home.

Over 25 firefighters had to work together to put the fire. It took the firefighters 30 minutes to extinguish the flames. The firefighters had a difficult time extinguishing the flames. An overhead ladder had to be used to put out the fire.

Luckily, no one sustained serious injuries. In fact, all the residents were able to escape the house before the firefighters arrived. One individual did have to be hospitalized for possible smoke-inhalation. The cause of the fire has not been determined yet.

The holiday season is a happy time, but it is often also filled with tragedies. It is important to remember to be responsible and remember safety procedures. Everyone must also be aware of his or her surroundings. These residents were lucky that they were able to all get out. This situation could have easily gone a completely different route. Individuals could have been seriously hurt. This fire is only one of the many tragedies that can happen.

In cases of emergencies, such as accidents or collisions, it is important to remain calm. Try to make sure others remain calm. It is also best to have safety procedures for various emergency situations. An emergency first aid kit is also important to have. It is important to alert police, firefighters, and ambulance if necessary. Serious accidents will need medical care and assistance. Do not hesitate to act.

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