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Las Flores Accident Lawyer

Las Flores is a small unincorporated area in Orange County that shares a zip code with Rancho Santa Margarita and has a mysterious past. It took its name after a halfway house located between San Luis Rey and San Juan Capistrano Missions.

In its days, the house of Las Flores was located where an asistencia of San Luis Rey stood, but it is unknown when it was erected. Annotations from the diary of Father Juan Mariner from August of 1795 describe the area as having little running water from a spring. However, the exact date residents of the land began to use it to for farming, cattle, and sheep rising is unknown. It is known that they raised cattle for at least another thirty years. In 1829, during the English frigate at the anchorage of San Juan Capistrano, approximately 1,500 cowhides from Las Flores were used.

Later, the location of Las Flores was defined as three leagues north of San Luis Rey as the rancheria San Pedro. Sea water taken from a pool by the sea was used to irrigate corn grown in the patio of San Pedro. Also, plain wheat and barley were grown using the same sea water.

Today, primarily a planned community with a park, schools and restaurants make up Las Flores; while nearly half of its land remains undeveloped. In 2010, the United States Census stated that approximately 2,943 people per square mile made up the total population of 5,971 – by far one of the lesser populated communities in Orange County.

Public car accident data information for Las Flores is not available but wrecks do happen. And although you may know the person you were in an accident with, it is vital that you follow the three basic steps in handling an Orange County car accident.

Step 1: What to Do At the Scene of an Accident

Step 2: Determine who is at Fault

This part can determine how much compensation you are entitled to receive and from whom but it can be a bit tricky. Unless you are up to date the laws of the road and are a good negotiator, chances are the other party is going to blame you.

Get a hold of a good OC car accident lawyer in your area that has a high success rate in winning cases and will work for you. They will do all of the negotiating, send you to see doctors for treatment and even make sure that while your vehicle is getting repaired, you have a rental.

Sometimes the other party won’t admit to being at fault and this is when things are escalated to the next level and taken to the courts. It is essential that at this point you have someone with legal expertise backing you and looking out for your best interest.

Step 3: Getting Compensation

Getting compensation after an automotive wreck is important if you want to have your hospital bills, property damage, and other damages that threw you off course from your way of living paid. Compensation is obtained from the person responsible or an insurance company and figuring out how much is just for you to receive takes years of experience to determine.

Beware of what insurance companies want to offer you initially. They have been in business for a long time and take special courses to convince people to take low offers. Car accident lawyers, although they charge a fee depending when the case is settled, still manage to get you more than what the insurance companies offer.

Being in an automotive accident for the first time can be intimidating and scary but don’t let others take advantage of you. Make sure to follow Step 1 at the scene and call on someone who will have your back.

Hiring an Orange County Lawyer

Over years of experience and working with countless clients, Dara Khajavi Law Offices has learned how insurance companies operate so we can provide our clients with the highest compensation possible. We are results oriented and want to get the most we can for our clients. With a 98% success rate and the multi-millions of dollars we’ve collected, we’ll use our experience to make sure that you get treated right if you were to hire us.

If you have been in a La Flores car wreck, Dara Khajavi Law Offices can help. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and offer FREE consultations. Call us at (877) 782-3777 for more information. We would like to hear about your case.


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