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Laguna Niguel Accident Lawyer

Laguna Niguel is an affluent, master planned community in Southern Orange County. The name is a combination of Spanish and native Juaneno Indian language. “Laguna” means lagoon in Spanish. “Nigueli” was the name of a Juaneno Indian village that was once in the area. Laguna Niguel is bordered by Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and Aliso Viejo.

Laguna Niguel is located on the Rancho Niguel Mexican land grant. This land grant was given to Juan Avila. It was later sold to Lewis Moulton. In 1959, the Laguna Niguel Corporation developed a plan to create Laguna Niguel, one of the first master planned communities in California. The first plan was for the community to hold 6,500 residents. More and more people arrived in Laguna Niguel. In 1989, Laguna Niguel was incorporated. It was Orange County’s 29th city.

Laguna Niguel is bordered by California State Route 73 and Interstate 5. California State Route 73 is a state highway. It ruins from Interstate 405 to the interstate 5 in San Juan Capistrano. The 73 is a toll road. All of the 73 is in Orange County. Interstate 5 is a major north-south route in California. It runs through many of the large cities along the West Coast. There is a significant amount of traffic on this freeway. The heavy traffic can contribute to risk of car accidents.

Luckily for Laguna Niguel, the fatal car accident rate is lower than the California average rate. In 2009, there was one fatal accident. This fatal accident was caused by a drunken driver, and there was one fatality. In 2011, there were 3 fatal accidents. There were 3 fatalities. One of the fatal accidents was caused by a drunken driver. One pedestrian was involved in these fatal accidents. A total 5 people were involved in the fatal accidents in 2011. These numbers may seem small, but these numbers can be misleading. The statistics do not take into account victims seriously injured or the amount of damage caused.

The accident, in 2009, took place on the busy main street of Camino Del Avion. In 2010, there were two accidents on the main street of Golden Lantern Street. Another accident took place on the 73 close to the 5 freeway. Busy streets and freeways can be dangerous to drive on. On these streets there is heavy traffic. The risk of accidents is increased in these areas.

Every year, thousands of people die in fatal car accidents. Even more people sustain serious injuries from car accidents. Car accidents are often caused by mechanical failure, lack of car maintenance, and driver behavior. Mechanical failure is usually at the fault of the car manufacturers. It is caused by a defect during a production. To prevent mechanical failure, it helps to keep on top of car recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a recall notification service. If a recall is announced, you will be notified as soon as it is announced.

Accidents caused by poor maintenance are also a serious issue. You should regularly inspect your vehicle. Tire inspections are especially important. Tire flats and blowouts have caused many accidents. Inspect your tires at least once a month and during season changes. You should also check your car’s fluid levels. The various fluids in your car keep your car running smoothly. An inefficient fluid level can be very dangerous.

Driver behavior can also contribute to accidents. Speeding on the road is incredibly dangerous. If you drive at high speeds, you will have difficulty responding to emergency situations. This increases your risk of accidents. Driving distracted is also incredibly dangerous. When you drive distracted, you are basically driving blind. Driving impaired is especially dangerous. While you are impaired, your reaction time is slower and vision is affected.

If you are ever in an accident in Laguna Niguel, immediately contact the Law Offices of Dara Khajavi. Our excellent Laguna Niguel car accident lawyers can assist you through this difficult time.


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